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Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone Doing the zipline topless - now that's engagement!

Posted Jul 29th, 2016 in Social Media Know-How, Engagement Marketing

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone Doing the zipline topless - now that's engagement!

When three totally unrelated topics get people talking, you know you're engaging... 


No, I didn't do the zipline topless, but it did create for interesting conversations on facebook last week.  

Yes, I did ride Wildplay Niagara's MistRider Zipline as part of an article I was doing for my other entity Connecting Niagara. Wow, what a ride it was!  You can read more about it here and I've included the video at the bottom of this article.. 

But this post is about the commentary coming from three separate posts on two separate days. 

First I had posted a comment about 'today being the day I step out of my comfort zone' with cheers and 'get 'er done' type comments. 

That evening I posted a photo of me flying through the air on the zipline. This post attracted quite the array of comments. 'Good for you'. 'Not me'. 'What was it like?' and so on.  

The following day, I shared an article about it being legal for women to go topless in Ontario with my comment being.

'Been there, done that, didn't need the t-shirt'. 

It was tough keeping up with the comments and responses over those three days. I attracted quite a collection of new followers and fan page likes. 

What surprised me? 

The number of people who not only commented on one of the three posts above, but on all three. The interaction was quite phenomenal considering all three posts had nothing to do with each other, yet those commenting made it so. The individuals who took the time to comment had seen and read all three posts and brought them together.  

Let me explain: 

The first post about stepping out of my comfort zone - had nothing to do with the zipline ride. I made this comment as that was the day I started challenging myself to pick up the phone and contact prospects, past and present clients for my business - in the past I have done almost everything by email (which does work, but lacks the engagement level and in reality takes a lot longer to accomplish what one five minute phone call can do).

Side note: - it is working!

My followers on facebook assumed I was talking about the zipline ride as many knew I was heading to the grand opening that day, and many more knew I do not do well with heights or speed. So a ton of encouragement was given for me to suck it up and do the ride. Many others simply gave me a thumbs up! Either way, the encouragement was there. 

That evening the photo was posted on the zipline. This post received the most engagement as stated above. I think I spent the whole evening responding to all the comments that were coming in. And a few that related the experience back to my comfort zone post. 

Finally, the third post about women going topless being legal.  Well this one really took me by surprise with the number of comments that came in saying I should do the zipline topless.  --  if anyone were to do it, it would probably be me... Legal or not, I'm sure Niagara Parks and WildPlay might have something to say about it! But that would be another story altogether. 

Getting back to my point...

All three posts, unrelated to each other had my facebook following engaging over the course of a few days on three totally unrelated items, yet these followers were making them related.  In reality these posts had nothing to do with my business yet, (well the zipline story technically did, but I had made this post about me) all of my business pages received new views, new fans and comments.  With facebook's new algorithm changes 'family and friends first), it is going to take this type of engagement to grow your pages and awareness of you, your products and services on facebook.  

Don't be discouraged - just keep posting... build your friend list and remember to share your business page posts to your personal profile and vice versa.  Make your content, fun, relevant and interesting to the general public -- no one wants the sales pitch... 

Here's the video of the ride: 



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