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The Heart & Home Staging Small Business Story

Posted in Small Business Challenge

For the month of October we challenged small businesses to send us their story to publish. Here is the first...

Small Business Challenge

Heart & Home Staging - Their Story

While working in the corporate marketing sector I helped real estate agents with their branding and advertising, learning the art of design. I thrived on being a part of great their results. Gaining an understanding of the real estate industry was invaluable, yet saw money left on the table from homes not presenting well.

The Heart & Home Staging Story (Ottawa)Throughout these years and as a young child I loved rearranging furniture to enhance the room's appearance. I loved painting and all my friends and family benefited from my colour consults and me actually painting their homes.

"My Mother inspired me."

My Mother was a beautiful dressmaker and loved to paint with water colours. Watching her creations come to life and seeing how she mixed the colours lead to a passion for exploring colours. My painting lead to re-designing rooms, preparing homes for sale, lightening peoples "stuff" and downsizing.

"My son encouraged me to go for it"

Fast forward and saying goodbye to office life, moving to Ottawa and helping a special family member stage her home of thirty years. It sold in one day over asking and I was hooked. All it took to cement it was a phone call from my son saying "Mom, you need to start a your business doing this". Done!

A year later, having taken the CSP Certification I'm loving it! My greatest thrill is helping homeowners realize the most equity for their investment in a very short time period and move on to their next chapter with extra money to fund their lifestyle!

As a staging professional we are trained to present the property at it's finest, highlighting the best features, showing it's lifestyle and downplaying it's flaws. Serious training goes before this and we go to school for life.

"I've satisfied that feeling I've always felt of being meant for something bigger and impactful."

"I've been blessed to be a part of their journey."

Each client has different needs, dreams and wishes. It's a pleasure to get to know them and hear about their story and what their future holds.

Heart & Home Staging's Gift To You

  • Free 1 Hour Redesign Consultation in your New Home. * Ottawa, Ontario area only. 

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  • Muscles & Mortgages: Mortgage Broker & Healthy Living Coach

Heart & Home Staging

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