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And Just Like That Gone - Post Scheduling on Facebook

Posted in Social Media Know-How

A few changes happening or have already happened with facebook again. Contact the social media experts at PRowl Communications to get your social media rocking!

facebook features gone

Gray Badges GONE! 

For the past month, if you have a business page on facebook, you would have seen a warning message at the top of the page, notifying you that as of October 30th gray badges would be removed from your page. Judging by the number of messages we received asking what that meant, we're fairly sure many of you did nothing about it. In fact, almost every one that asked didn't have a grey badge to worry about.  

gray badge removal warning

Why facebook calls it a badge, we're not sure -- it was really a little gray circle with a checkmark in it to symbolize that your page was verified. Most business pages were never verified and therefore didn't have the 'badge'.  

So now what? 

Facebook says they are working on ways to improve authenticity of business pages and recommends you follow their best practices guidelines for business pages. What it really boils down to, is make sure you have a profile image, a banner, your business name, contact information, categories that represent your business, link to your website, reviews turned on and a privacy policy link. For now, it is that simple - before it was a few steps to get that verification badge. Considering many didn't know what the little checkmark meant, I doubt if taking it away will be missed. 

Post Scheduling GONE!

Do you schedule posts on facebook? If so about 2 months ago, you may have noticed on some pages you could no longer schedule posts directly on your page. This change seems to have been a gradual roll out to pages, as most of our pages we could schedule posts on, until this week. 

But... when we say GONE, scheduling posts is NOT REALLY GONE, you can still do it, but from a different location. Notice on the image to the right a box below the post area that says to schedule use publishing tools or business manager.  By clicking business manager your page opens again, it looks almost identical to the first page with a few additions (an article for another day), but now the schedule link is back. 

Alternatively, you can also use the publishing tools for scheduling posts (and so much more). You will find the 'Publishing Tools' Link at the top of your page by clicking the down arrow beside the word MORE.. If you like analytics, you will like this area and all that you can do...  

So.... keep scheduling your posts! 

On a side note: If you're looking for a great tool for managing your social media posts, scheduling, add team members, see the calendar view, repeat posts ongoing, respond to comments, and even post to your Google My Business Page and Instagram - you'll want to check out Zoho Social.  A handy tool to keep you on top of your social media, monitoring results and engaging with your fans and follows..   Start a free trial (after the trial ends, you can continue using the tool free, however some features go away - it's just $15/mo U.S. or $120US paid annually.. So worth it, just in the time you will save alone! 

And, One Final Change

Facebook is also changing the way organic page impressions are calculated.  It doesn't change the visibility of your posts, just how the the numbers are calculated. Starting next week, you may see a drop in the organic traffic numbers if you monitor your stats.

Helpful Resources Directly from Facebook

Facebook has a fairly detailed help area when you can find it.  The facebook business help centre is full of ideas to help you with facebook fundamentals, ads, pages, billing, optimization and managing settings and assets. Make it your new best friend. 

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