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Our Entities

PRowl Communications highlighting the various entities we have created throughout the years to assist you with your marketing efforts.

our entities

Targeted Solutions

PRowl Communications has developed various entities, each tailored to address specific aspects of our clients' marketing needs. From web design and CRM systems to SEO and comprehensive marketing strategies, every entity under our umbrella is dedicated to delivering specialized services that drive client success. Our diverse range of offerings ensures that we can provide targeted solutions, whether it's creating impactful websites through Websites Uncomplicated or enhancing online visibility with SEO by PRowl. Each entity is crafted to offer expertise and excellence, ensuring our clients receive the best possible support for their marketing goals.

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PRowl Communications

The brand that drives it all. 

Telltale Studios

Our photography studio & small venue rental space. 

Connectfest Niagara

Our annual marketing conference. 

Connecting Niagara

Local Events Calendar 

Clients & Cocktails Networking

Our weekly networking event.

Throughout the years, we have had various other entities created and sold such as the weekly online equestrian Magazine, Equine Niagara News and recently sold Niagara Business Directory. Debi Katsmar also created Crochet Do Dads, as she is a crochet designer and runs this entity separately as a hobby.  

  • She knows many people in the community & I feel an increase in business since our professional relationship began. Debi's social media skills are an asset to any business owner.
    - Rachel Epp, Miss'es Clean

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