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About PRowl Communications

Prowl Communications is a Niagara, Ontario marketing agency offering traditional and digital marketing services since 1989 to local, Canadian & U.S. markets. 

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The Marketing Agency for Small- and Medium-sized Businesses

We take the headache out of marketing, automatically by helping B2B businesses communicate with clarity and prowl with purpose to generate more leads, increase sales and operate with precision through consulting, strategy and marketing implementation services.

We get it! You have worked hard to get your business where it is today. You want to work with a marketing agency that understands what it is like to be a solopreneur,  a start-up, or be in that small- to medium-size range where you're big enough to do more, but still limited to what you can do in-house.  You want a partner that understands you, your goals and your business..

We are your marketing partner.  

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Growing B2B Businesses Since 1989

Founded in 1989, PRowl Communications has grown from a small one-person graphic design company to a thriving team of marketing experts. Our journey began working for a well-established St. Catharines marketing agency some 40 years ago, then moving on to be the marketing manager of a local service industry B2B company, and finally, Debi Katsmar, founded the initial business which has been rebranded several times throughout the years to stay current with technological developments.

Starting in the industry pre-internet gives us a deep understanding of both traditional and digital marketing. Today, we blend this rich history with cutting-edge technology to deliver results that exceed expectations for primarily B2B businesses.

  • “Could just be luck, but I installed SalesIQ last night. Perhaps 5 minutes after it was up and running, someone asked a question in the chat. I answered, a conversation ensued, and I got a sale 😊 The next day, I responded to an inquiry made over SalesIQ while I was offline. That person visited our website within minutes of my response. A third person purchased from us, then used the SalesIQ chat to ask me after-sale question that led to more business. With this level of activity over the first three days, SalesIQ has been a good investment, so far. I look forward to future SalesIQ successes!”
    ~ Mark Kawabe, Kaatsu Canada

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