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Our Story

PRowl Communications - the brand and why the owl. We communicate with clarity and prowl with purpose.

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Our Company Name

The company rebranded in 2014, changing the name of the business to say what we do. The owl icon was created about 5 years prior, being the only element to remain from the previous name of the company.  To sum it up, PR for public relations, the owl icon for all the owl represents and communications for what we do. Many read the name as P-R Owl rather than PRowl. 

Communicate with Clarity. Prowl with Purpose. 

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prowl  [/proul]

VERB: of a person or animal) move around restlessly and stealthily, especially in search of or as if in search of prey. "black bears prowl the canyons" "they were seen prowling around the docks late at night".

NOUN: an act of prowling. "I met her once on one of my off-duty bookstore prowls".

What's With the Owl?

Debi Katsmar, CEO of PRowl Communications loves owls for the strength and wisdom they portray.  Owls represent wisdom, good judgement, knowledge, sharp vision, keen observation, insight, intuition, change, transition, problem solving, solution provider, and help. The owl icon has been a main-stay of Debi's marketing for over 10 years, but her love for owls goes back to her childhood.

The Inspiration Owl

There was one owl that started it all - when Debi Katsmar was just a child. She now has hundreds in her collection from all over the world. 

The Story

The owl that started it all was one Debi's father created from metal rings, washers and nails. Her father, Frank Prokator is a tool and die maker (now retired), who spent many a lunch break working on this project in the early 70s. Debi really didn't know about the project until her father brought it home from work to paint it.

The Real Inspiration Owl

Being about seven years old, it seemed to Debi this painting was taking weeks to complete. It was probably more like days.  But what Debi remembers most is the painstaking precision her father had in painting the eyes and bringing the owl to life. Her father is meticulous in everything he does -- a perfectionist through and through. Don't get her started on helping her father hang a painting, or wash the car (with a toothbrush)...

This owl came to mean a lot to Debi, representing inspiration, wisdom, dedication and precision -- core values she lives by. 

  • "To know that we are actually selling from the website within the first few weeks is Awesome!!! I believe we have 9 orders now in 2 weeks that we would definitely not have had with the old website. I would highly recommend PRowl Communications’ services and talent to anyone that I know.”
    ~Tim Proctor, Turf Net Sports Supplies

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