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enhancing the search for YOUR perfect CUSTOMERS

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The essence to generating leads, increasing sales and profit starts with strategy & connecting the dots. 

Execute the plan


CAMPAIGNS & SALES PROCESS: Build the campaigns and sales process for increased conversions.

handshake after the sale


Aids the campaign and sales process for lead generation and faster conversions. 

analysis stats reports data


Bring it all together, know what works, what doesn't.
Data talks. 

PRowl Communications

PRowl Communications is a Niagara based sales and marketing agency enhancing the search for YOUR perfect CUSTOMERS through digital and traditional solutions for scalable business growth. We will develop a process to drive more leads and convert them to sales through design, planning, campaigns, marketing automation and training.

Using technology to help build relationships with your customers, we will have you moving in the right direction in meeting your business objectives and goals. Our marketing automation process will give you measured results, offer lead generation and successful conversions for a strong ROI. Sales and marketing will be working together through a strategic action plan, implementation and training process. 

Contact Us if: 

  • your website is not generating leads
  • your sales process is not converting leads
  • your current marketing strategy is not working for you
  • you don't have a marketing strategy or sales process

Debi Katsmar, PRowl Communications

Debi Katsmar
PRowl Communications

"We pride ourselves in being able to offer an individual service for your individual business. We work to develop a sales and marketing strategy within the parameters of your budget, knowledge, staff and time constraints to generate leads and convert these to sales".

PRowl Communications delivers the right message, at the right time, in the right place, to the right people, for the right reason offering marketing solutions for scalable business growth. No business is too small to get started with marketing automation. 

Stop Running Campaigns. Start having Conversations. 

Enhancing the search for YOUR perfect  CUSTOMERS. 

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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Holiday Marketing Plan and Resources

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RANT: Really Tim Hortons - that's just wrong!

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