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Branding is much more than logo design, however your company logo plays a vital role as it is often the most visible aspect of your branding in the marketplace. 


If you're new to marketing, maybe just starting a business, or established but without an identity, it is time to consider branding your business. Having a logo is a good start, but branding is so much more.

What Is Branding?

branding ironsDepending on who you ask, you will get a variety of answers to this question. Just say Hey Google! What is branding?  Then try Siri, Alexa or just typing the question in your browser - you will find quite a few. You will even find the definition as it relates to 'marking livestock (cattle, horses, etc.) with an identifying symbol so ranchers could identify their property. To simplify the answer we're going with the good 'ol Webster's Dictionary definition: 

the promoting of a product or service by identifying it with a particular brand

Put that simply, you can relate. Am I right? 

Branding Is More Than A Logo

We know you are familiar with what a logo is, you may even have a logo or logotype yourself. When it comes to branding, your logo is only part of the process. 

Building a good brand looks at the story you want to tell to your customers. It will reflect your mission, your vision, and can include your voice, (how you speak about your product, service, and business, as well as how you speak to your potential clients), colours, imagery, and more. 

Why Is Branding Important?

Branding is important as it shows buyers your company's personality and all that you stand for. Your logo is typically the strongest aspect of your brand as it is shown to your consumers at every stage of doing business - from creating awareness and the need for your product or service, to promoting the product/service through to the final sale and follow-up. Branding is how the public perceives your business and views your reputation. Your branding will differentiate you from your competitors and build trust from your customers. 

What comes to mind when Nike, Amazon, Apple or KFC (had to throw that one in). You know the logo, but you also know what all four stand for, their reputation, what they offer consumers and more. Most businesses will never have brand recognition throughout the world like at least three of the four, but starting with strong branding from the start makes it that much easier. And, when it comes time to sell your business -- that branding if it is strong, recognizable and has a great reputation, will get you a higher dollar value for your business. 

What Is A Logo?

A logo is a symbol that represents your brand. It can be a standalone symbol like the Nike swoosh, it can be a combination of a symbol and type, or it can be a logotype like Google or CocaCola.

The number one factor in a good logo is clarity! Easily read, clean and identifiable. 

Often logos will have hidden messages or meaning. Take a look at the FedEx logo -- do you see the hidden arrow? Most would not know it is there until it has been pointed out. It is then quite obvious. Or, have you ever noticed the bear in the Toblerone logo? 

As you grow your business and reputation, a strong logo will eventually stand on its own to represent your business and the products and services you offer. It is important when starting a business to give your logo and overall branding strong thought. It's easy to grab a piece of clipart and stick it in front of your business name, but is this really the image you want to portray?  It is well worth the investment in hiring a graphic designer to help you develop your logo and give you the files you will require to consistently represent your brand. 

We have been designing logos in Niagara for 30+ years, and are proud to say some of our first designs have stood the test of time and are still in use today. Those are strong logos. 

How Much Does Logo Design Cost? 

This is the first question out after a business understands the need for a logo or logotype. Logos generally start at $350 -$500 (your concept made usable in print and on the web) and can go as high as 10s of $1000s for high-level corporate structures. Small businesses can expect to pay $1000 - $2500 for the logo and branding strategy. 

Your logo should be looked at as an investment in your business - it is often the face of the business and the first in making that valued first impression of you and your business. You want that first impression to be a good one. If you have a logo that looks like your children created it (which might work if children's products or services are the nature of your business), first impressions to your prospects will not be that strong. They will think if they can't invest in their own business, why should I spend my money with that business? 

At Prowl we have several rates for logo design - we typically start at $350 if you come to us with exactly what you are looking for (concept) and need it look professional in your colours. If we are creating the concept for you, offering several designs to choose from, we start at $1500. If you would like a stationery package, or help in your overall branding as well, your investment will be higher. When complete your logo will be supplied in vector format for printing as well as images for use online, along with the colours used and the fonts used. 

Your business is worth the investment in a strong logo design. 

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How to Design A Logo

This 20-page guide walks you through developing your company logo from your initial thoughts, to using colour, size, shape and typestyle. It gives you everything you need to present your ideas to a graphic designer (or do it yourself) for final artwork to establish your brand.


How To Design
Your Company Logo Guide


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