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Logo Design

Your logo is one of the most important aspects of your overall branding. Our design experts can create the look and feel to personify your brand, be memorable and stand the test of time. Contact us today. 

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Your Logo Is the Face of Your Business

Your logo is one of the most important aspects of your overall branding. (There are a few exceptions - for example real estate agents where the brand is the person, vs the brokerage they work for.) It is the face of your business, your signature. It is what your customers see first 90% of the time, because it is on every promotional piece you create, on your website, your vehicle, your signage. It is crucial to make your brand and business easily identifiable, your means of differentiating yourself from your competition and creating instant recognition of all your brand stands for. 

The average person is exposed to more than 5000 brands per day. 

You will want your logo to stand out in the visual clutter. A logo that represents your company's value's, resonates with your customers and conveys your professionalism in everything your company does and represents. 

A strong logo should be:

  1. Simple - too much detail makes it difficult to read and hard to reproduce for embroidery, silk-screening or when printed small. 
  2. Unique - an icon or logotype that is memorable and represents the individuality of your brand. A statement. 
  3. Appropriate - in that it should appeal to your target market while adhering to your brand's tone and feel. 
  4. Easily identifiable - so even at a glance your customers can identify with your logo without getting it confused with another brand.
  5. Adaptable - to a variety of uses - including horizontal and vertical spaces, colour or black and white. 
  6. Able to stand the test of time - a strong logo will be just as good 50 years from now as it is today.  

Using a graphic artist to create your logo:

While you may have a great idea, even strong sketches, most people do not have the skills or the tools to create their logo in a format that reproduces well in print, on the web, for silk-screening, embroidery or how to make it large enough to print on a billboard, signage or your vehicle. 

Hiring a graphic designer for your logo will be money well spent. The cost will vary depending on whether you are asking the designer to come up with the concept, or you are providing your ideas to the designer to be turned into your finished logo artwork.  Once the design is complete you will have all the files you require to reproduce your logo in any format. Ask about a branding guide as well. This document is well worth having. It will save you countless hours explaining your guidelines when providing your logo to advertisers in the future.

Often your logo designer will be an instrumental part of your marketing team as they understand your brand as well as you do. Consider your choice for a graphic artist carefully. It has always been our belief that working with a graphic artist that has a team of marketing professionals to help you with all of your marketing needs is best - this will help you keep all your promotional material true to your branding. 

Logo Design Services

We have been designing logos for 30+ years - since a time pre-computers.... 

Your Concept to Artwork

In this package we are taking your initial sketch and making it print and web ready for you. Your concept to finished artwork. 

Branding Guide Extra. 

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Your Concept to Artwork with Stationery Design

As in the first package, we will transform your concept into print and web ready artwork files and images for you. PLUS we will provide you with artwork for your stationery: letterhead, envelope and business card. 

Branding Guide extra. 

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Branding: Our Concepts From Start to Finish

Here we work with you in developing your complete brand and brand strategy. Ultimately you will receive several logos and taglines, your mission, vision and USP along with finished art for your logo and stationery package. 

Branding Guide is included in this package. 

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What is a Branding Guide?

A branding guide is like a rule book for how your brand is portrayed. It will typically outline the correct usage of your logo, colours and fonts, If you have done your research it will also outline your tone or voice, key terminology, sentiment and the theory behind your logo and brand. 

As you grow, it saves you countless hours in outlining how your brand is to be portrayed when having someone other than your designer create ads for you, It is helpful when new employees are brought on board in explaining your brand's purpose and spirit. 

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