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Like and share no longer good enough

Posted in Social Media Know-How, Engagement Marketing

The business community is buzzing with talk of how to get past Facebook's new algorithm changes making friends and family first. 

Getting your fans to like and share a post is no longer good enough. Facebook is looking for meaningful conversations. (friends and family first) The posts that will make it into your fan's news feeds will be those shared by your friends and fans but also have conversations happening from the post. So, a LIKE won't cut it. A share is better. But to be seen, you are really going to get people talking. From what we understand, the lengthier the conversations, the more likely your posts will be seen. 

two girls having a phone conversation in a field

Consider this: 

How many groups do you belong to? Think about the conversations happening in those groups (not the buy and sell groups, the others). This is what you will need to make happen on your facebook business page for your posts to be seen in your fan's news feeds. 

How do you create those conversations on facebook?

  • Start asking more questions in your posts. Questions that require sentences for answers, not one word. 
  • Encourage your fans to answer the question and engage others by tagging and asking their opinion. 
  • Consider starting a weekly or bi-weekly Q&A session on your page (information only - no sales pitches). 
  • Promote interaction at all times. 
  • Share your page posts to your personal profile to continue the conversation there. 
  • Offer suggestions, ideas and helpful information encouraging your fans to tell their story. 
  • Post photos of happy customers and their experience - tag them in the photo to get them to share their experience further with their friends. 
  • Pay attention to comments, likes and shares - start the conversation yourself when someone Likes your post. 
  • Write more blog posts, sharing these to your page as conversation starters. 

Is all this more work? 

Maybe. It is definitely a re-think on your facebook strategy. If  you don't have facebook connected to your phone, you may want to do this so you can engage at the same time your fans are engaging, not hours later.  And, yes - this takes away from your day to day operations, but think of it this way. Each conversation is a potential new customer and time well spent. 

For the social media managers of the world, it means more work on our part as well to maintain our clients accounts.  So we get it! 

For years, we have struggled with the constant changes each social channel brings. It is now better however, in many cases most social channels now warn of the changes ahead to allow you time to prepare, but not always. Have you noticed the new Our Story section on your business page - this suddenly appeared a month or so ago. It is a great opportunity to showcase more information. Use it. 

Contact us to learn how our social media managed services can help you break into the news feeds.

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