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Building Subscriber Lists

Posted May 16th, 2018 in Email Marketing , Constant Contact

We all know email marketing works. The struggle is in getting new subscribers and building a list for our email marketing. 

email marketing flow chart

We were reminded yesterday that we've been a Constant Contact Solution Provider since 2006 - WOW! 12 years.  Over the years we have seen clients come and go from Constant Contact, we have helped others move on to CRM systems and marketing automation systems to accommodate the growth of their businesses, and we have helped many more move to Constant Contact as they were not happy with their exisitng email marketing provider. 

The first three accounts we signed up 12 years ago, are still using Constant Contact today. Those three clients have a combined total of over 50,000 subscribers. At one point, one of those clients had a list this big on their own. The point is interests change, people come and go. It is an ongoing effort to keep, maintain and build new subscribers.  

Twelve years ago it was easier to build a list as email marketing was relatively new. Your customers were not yet bombarded with email campaigns, newsletters and other information or junk sent from the spammers of the world. CASL didn't exist to regulate who you could send to (mind you, we have always been in support of permission-based email marketing), and consumers were still genuinely excited to receive email. Now, almost the opposite is true - consumers are excited to get snail mail that isn't a bill. 

So now, getting people to subscribe to your information is a challenge. We're sure you've read these 1000 times, but a reminder now and then never hurts, so we've put together a few ideas to help you build that list. 

10 Subscriber List Building Ideas 

1. Simply ask 

Ask on-line, ask on facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, on your website, in your email signature, in person. While it is always better to get your customers to directly opt-in, you can add them to your list from a conversation. Just in case, we're ever questions by the email marketing police, we write on the person's business card the date verbal permission was given and when possible, we ask the person to initial the card. We then file the card or a copy of the card in our permission-granted folder.  

2. Run an online contest

Subscribe to win does work. Yes, some people will drop off your list after the contest is over, but think about those who stay! Today, we find the contest prize has to be fairly substantial to get consumers to give up their email address. Give it some thought, there are some pretty creative ideas out there for contests.. (if running the contest on facebook or other social sites, be sure to follow the guidelines set out by facebook or the social platform of choice -- they all have rules around contesting).

3. Create a Members Only Program

Offer subscribers preferential content only available to them for signing up to your list. 

4. Add a check-box to sign up on forms

This is a big one and seriously over-looked by many.  On any form your clients complete or you complete when meeting with them. Have a check box on the form:___ May we add you to our email list? You will be surprised how many check this. 

Don't forget to have this on your contact form on your website as well!  Yes, it is a little bit of manual labour in adding them to your database, but so what -- they gave you permission. 

5. Run a social media campaign

Show the benefits of receiving your emails: exclusive content, contests, how-to's, special offers, etc. Link to your sign-up form.

6. Promote your content

This is one of the most overlooked ways to get new subscribers. Each time you send a campaign, share it on social media - include a statement in your post. Are you missing out on info like this? Subscribe today and include the link. 

7. Of course the sign-up list on the counter of your business. 

We usually create individual forms to protect the privacy of customers. 

8. Ask for reviews of your email marketing content

This one is almost always overlooked. Get reviews and share them. A recommendation from others goes along way. In fact 84% of consumers make decisions based on personal recommendations.

9. Ask your existing subscribers to share your content. 

Saying 'share with your friends' isn't quite enough -- write a specific message that your subscribers can share. This takes the thought process out of it for your subscribers. They will be more likely to share if the message is already written for them. 

10. Sign-up form. 

As obvious as this is, it is important to make the sign-up form, box, whatever you are using as visible as possible. Don't be afraid to have it in more than one location on your website. Be sure to have it on facebook as well. 

Get started - build that subscriber list! 

Oh and if you're not already using Constant Contact, click here for a FREE 60 Day Trial!


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