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PRowl Certified as Constant Contact Solution Provider Again

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PRowl Certified as Constant Contact Solution Provider Again

PRowl Communications Named a Constant Contact Certified Solution Provider - a Niagara marketing expert helping small businesses and non-profits achieve meaningful marketing results. 


WELLAND, ON - July 22, 2019 -- Debi Katsmar of PRowl Communications has been named a Certified Solution Provider by Constant Contact, an Endurance International Group company and a leader in online marketing solutions for small businesses.

As a Certified Solution Provider, Debi Katsmar has demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the Constant Contact online marketing platform and best practices. This ensures program participants and the clients they serve will realize meaningful results from their investments in email and online marketing.

"I have been using Constant Contact products since 2006, loving the product so much I started selling it to my clients. The very first client I introduced the product to bought it and is using it to this day. Constant Contact allows me to help my clients better their marketing, be consistent with their messaging and aid in a strong marketing strategy. There are many products on the market that allow for email marketing, but most do not take the unique requirements of Canadians into consideration like Constant Contact does - love the system, it works!", said Debi Katsmar, Marketing Strategist, CEO of PRowl Communications. 

PRowl Communications is a marketing agency helping small- to medium-sized business develop a marketing strategy, implement that strategy and grow. The company offers branding, design, strategy, web design, marketing automation, crm setup and implementation as well as sales and marketing training. Debi has been self-employed in the marketing industry for 30+ years. 

“The certification program ensures customers that our Solution Providers have proven, in-depth knowledge of online marketing and Constant Contact’s offerings,” said Hannah Budreski, Vice President of Marketing Communications, Constant Contact. “By earning Certified Solution Provider status, Debi has demonstrated her commitment to helping clients succeed by taking proactive steps to grow her marketing skillset.”’

About PRowl Communications

We help your business and sales team build customer relationships, clearly communicate your marketing message and turn leads into $'s with less headaches.
Prowl Communications will provide the marketing and sales building blocks to generate more leads, increase your revenue and profit with less time and money spent on your marketing!  

About Constant Contact

Constant Contact, an Endurance International Group company and a leader in online marketing for more than 20 years, offers an easy-to-use platform that helps small businesses create professional campaigns that can help increase customers and revenue. From advanced automation features to industry-leading integrations, to personalized coaching, Constant Contact is the trusted marketing partner of hundreds of thousands of growth-minded small businesses around the world. For more information, visit: .

About Endurance International Group

Endurance International Group Holdings, Inc. helps millions of small businesses worldwide with products and technology to enhance their online web presence, email marketing, business solutions, and more. The Endurance family of brands includes: Constant Contact, Bluehost, HostGator, and SiteBuilder, among others. Headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, Endurance employs over 3,800 people across the United States, Brazil, India and the Netherlands. For more information, visit: .

Endurance International Group and the compass logo are trademarks of The Endurance International Group, Inc. Constant Contact, the Constant Contact logo and other brand names of Endurance International Group are trademarks of The Endurance International Group, Inc. or its subsidiaries.


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  • I would also like to thank Debi Katsmar from the Ottawa Motorcycle Show for all her hard work and patience in helping those participating in the show deal with whatever issues came up. She remained a true lady of grace while making it happen. Debi you are a true lady of grace!
    ~ Beau Rooney, The Rider's Mag

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