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The Small Business Week Challenge

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For 40 years the BDC has been celebrating small business every October - in particular Small Business Week (SBW), October 20 - 26th, 2019. 

small business month challenge

The BDCs Small Business Week is an annual celebration of entrepreneurship. Throughout the month of October and specifically during Small Business Week itself, entrepreneurs throughout Canada gather to learn, network and celebrate the people building businesses across this grand country of ours. 

If you visit the BDC's website for Small Business Week, you will find a great video of business people offering 'their' meaning of what entrepreneurship is, a slew of business stories and an events calendar all the events happening in October and during SBW.  While this is absolutely phenomenal, in that we can see the success of our Canadian entrepreneurs and we can find all sorts of learning events to attend - I didn't see any events that celebrate the individual businesses who make it possible for Small Business Week to exist and keep Canada rocking economically. 

Let's face it - many businesses do not have the time to attend all these business learning events and often, many small businesses cannot event get out to attend networking events to meet potential new clients. (And I admit, I have a webinar or two on the site myself).  Small business owners are busy running their business. Learning takes place in the evenings, weekends and does not allow the opportunity of meeting new people -- as much as SMBs want to.   

So, in honour of all of us Small Business Owners, I have created the:

Small Business Month Challenge

The purpose of the small business month challenge is to:

  1. Celebrate you and your business.
  2. Celebrate your customers. 
  3. Celebrate another business / business owner / team member who helped get you where you are today. 

Yes, it is a challenge. Will you win anything no. You might get added exposure to your business and the satisfaction of writing your story, giving back to your customers and appreciating those who helped get you where you are today.  On that note, you will be helping to spread the word about that person's business as well. Networking through story telling. 

How the Small Business Month Challenge Works: 

  1. Submit your Small Business Story to us - where you began your journey and where you are today, include a photo or two, definitely your logo and contact information. In that story, be sure to include someone who made a difference in helping you get where you are today. That could be a mentor, your accountant, your marketer, your business coach, your mom and dad. 
  2. Celebrate Your Customers - after all your customers are your heros.  If it is an event, submit it to us - we will help get the word out. But Celebrating your customers can be something as simple as sending them a Thank You Card, a Customer Appreciation Day, a free gift of any kind.  Let us know what you plan on doing for your customers and the outcome after. 
  3. Celebrate another business -- this is actually done in your story above - we will keep a list of all businesses mentioned.  

What Happens Next: 

Submit everything to us at . We will create a page for your story. We will send you the link to share and we will share it as well. Use the hashtags #smallbusinessmonthchallenge #mybusinessstory #sbw2019 #iamanentrepreneur 

Why Do This: 

You will get to tell your story, how proud you are of your business, share it with the world and it will give you a backlink to your website - all important for SEO. It will allow others to learn about you and your business and what you have to offer. It will allow you to celebrate Small Business Month / Week if you're not one of those people attending the learning or networking sessions. 

Let's Celebrate Small Business Together! 

Watch for more details soon. If you have any questions, 

Contact Us


Small Business Week - October 20 - 26th - 2019

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