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Where To Get Social Media Marketing Content

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business man with struggling to find social media contentStruggling to Find New Social Marketing Content? 

You're not alone! It is one of the biggest headaches of small business owners.

Until NOW! 

We have put together our 8 best content sources to help you consistently create engaging and interesting content on your social media channels.

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It is so easy to forget where to get content from, this ebook is a handy reminder... ~ Sarah H., Collingwood, ON

Creating Content Consistently Is Harder Than It Seems

Creating content based on your product or service is easy – as a business owner, this information is readily available and because you know your business writing posts and even having graphics for your products and services is pretty much second nature in talking to your audience about them. And here’s the big BUT…

But, you can’t sell with every post created. Good social media content is a mixture of selling and providing useful information your fans and followers will appreciate and want more of. A good rule of thumb is the 80/20 rule:

80% of your posts should inform, educate and entertain your audience, while only 20% should be promotional in nature…

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