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Ask Debi: Where Did The Birthday List Go On Facebook?

By Debi Katsmar

Posted in ask Debi, Marketing Matters, Social Media Know-How

Social media questions are the most asked, this one on facebook birthday lists.  

facebook to twitter auto posting

Go here to find your friends birthday lists: 


Q: Things have changed on Facebook again, I can no longer find the list of friends having birthdays today on my feed. Where did they go? ~Debbie B. 

A: Hey Debbie  - The friends having birthdays today has been a popular feature of facebook for sure. You are not the only one who has asked where they went and how to find them. Please find the answer below.  

facebook birthday list now under events then birthdaysBirthdays Not Showing in Facebook

Certainly, your friends birthdays have been one of the most popular features of facebook. It allows us to stay connected and send a birthday wish to those we know. Recently there have been a number of changes regarding user birthdays on the platform. One being, as of July 2019 I believe, you can no longer download/sync your friends birthdays to your personal calendar. This was changed in an effort to protect user privacy as Facebook continues to make changes and build security and privacy after the scandals of last year.  

And now, birthdays of your friends are no longer showing in the right column of your news feed page on facebook. For many this is frustrating, often finding out after the fact one of their friends had a birthday and the user missed it. 

Facebook does send a notification daily now, telling you which of your friends are celebrating a birthday. This notification comes in at different times, mostly around 9-930 am daily, but not always.  For people like myself, birthday wishes were a regular part of my morning routine. Not seeing the list readily available was disruptive to my schedule. But oh-well. I learned quickly where to find the list.  

So, if you miss the notifications, you can go here to find the list of today's and upcoming birthdays.  But I'm sure you will lose this link after reading this article. 

To find birthdays on facebook:

At your home feed, scroll down the list of links in the left hand column until you find events. Click this.

Next you should see a link for birthdays. Click this. 

Simple, but a pain. It was much better when the list appeared daily without going looking for it. 

Finding the Birthday List on Your Phone: 

After a few comments that the list is not available, we looked to see the difference on smartphones when using the facebook app.  The list is not as easily found on the phone app, but it is there. It does not show up under the calendar as a main item, but if you scroll through the items, you will see a birthday cake with names beside it... 

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Debi Katsmar is owner and marketing strategist of PRowl Communications, a marketing agency dedicated to taking the headache out of your marketing -- automatically. Debi has been self-employed in the marketing industry for 30+ years, she has helped 1000+ businesses grow and prosper throughout that time. She is a certifed email marketing specialist and CRM expert, a mother two 3 millennials, and loves her fur-babies. Debi loves to mentor and provides a ton of help to her clients and those she meets. If you have a marketing or business question -- Ask Debi

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