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PRESS RELEASE: Introducing Telltale Studios by Prowl

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PRESS RELEASE: Introducing Telltale Studios by Prowl


Telltale Studios by PRowl and the Opening of PRowl Communications' St. Catharines Office: Empowering Creativity and Storytelling

[St. Catharines, ON - June 1, 2023] - PRowl Communications, a renowned marketing agency with over 34 years of helping small businesses succeed, is proud to announce the opening of their new St. Catharines office, in conjunction with the launch of Telltale Studios by PRowl. This expansion represents a significant milestone in their commitment to empowering creativity and storytelling in the Niagara region.

Founded by certified marketing strategist, Debi Katsmar, PRowl Communications has played an integral role in assisting businesses in achieving their marketing goals. Debi's dedication to the business community is reflected in her extensive involvement with Chamber of Commerce boards, leadership roles in networking groups, and her own successful networking group that has been meeting since 2014. As an author, speaker, and certified marketing strategist, Debi brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

"While I have enjoyed working from my home office in Welland (which will remain the head office location and mailing address). I am looking forward to all that having a physical office for PRowl Communications will offer." said Debi Katsmar, CEO of PRowl Communications. "When Mackenzie joined the company last May, our service offering changed to include photography and video services, and also opened our market to a younger, more diverse clientele primarily in Niagara Region. The company is growing and our dedication to helping the business community is now stronger than ever with the opening of Telltale Studios by PRowl."   

The brainchild of Debi's son, Mackenzie Katsmar, Telltale Studios by PRowl is a creative space designed to empower storytellers from various disciplines. Mackenzie's passion for photography and his desire to do more for both PRowl Communications and the community sparked the idea for Telltale Studios. The search for the perfect location, one that offered character, natural light, and versatility as both a photography studio and a small event rental space, began in mid-2022. After a comprehensive search, the ideal space was found at 243 Church St., Unit 205, a century-old building with a rich history and the perfect atmosphere for creative endeavors.

"Being a photographer without a studio has its challenges, and with the volume of photographers in Niagara Region, this wasn't my struggle alone, thus the idea for Telltale Studios - a studio for all photographers to have a venue for creating and offering their services from," said Mackenzie Katsmar, Co-owner and multi-media strategist for Telltale Studios. "But more than a photography studio, I wanted a space open to all small businesses and solopreneurs to utilize for meetings, small events, and even small yoga or meditation classes. I'm quite excited to offer the space and more importantly help share about the talented people in Niagara -- there is more than enough business to go around." 

With PRowl Communications' new St. Catharines office located at the same address, 243 Church St., Unit 208, this expansion will provide clients with enhanced marketing services and access to Telltale Studios' unique creative space. The new facility offers a diverse range of services, including comprehensive photography and video services, in addition to marketing strategies that drive business growth.

Debi and Mackenzie Katsmar are thrilled to embark on this new chapter. Their vision is to create a space that not only serves the needs of the business community but also nurtures the artistic spirit and empowers storytellers to share their narratives. Both Debi and Mackenzie are excited to showcase their expertise and passion through PRowl Communications and Telltale Studios, providing clients with a seamless blend of marketing excellence and creative inspiration.

The official opening of Telltale Studios and PRowl Communications' St. Catharines office will be celebrated with an upcoming open house, where attendees will have the opportunity to experience the creative space firsthand and learn more about the comprehensive services offered.

For more information about PRowl Communications and Telltale Studios, visit  and .


Media Contact:

Debi Katsmar
Founder, PRowl Communications
Phone: 905-734-8273

Mackenzie Katsmar
Co-Owner, Telltale Studios by PRowl
Phone: 289-362-4004

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