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Why Prowl Offers a Free Marketing Strategy Session: Behind the Scenes

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Some might question, "What's the catch?" or "How does the business benefit?" Here at Prowl Communications, we’ve been offering a free marketing strategy session, and it's high time we lift the veil on the why.

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Behind the Scenes

In business, offering something for free might seem counterintuitive. Some might question, "What's the catch?" or "How does the business benefit?" Here at Prowl Communications, we’ve been offering a free marketing strategy session for what seems like forever -- and it's high time we lift the veil on the why.

The Honest Truth: It's a Lead Generation Tool

Let's start with the straightforward truth: yes, offering a free marketing strategy session is partly a lead generation tool for us. We are all inundated with marketing messages, so standing out and genuinely connecting with potential clients can be challenging. By providing a taste of our expertise without the immediate commitment of a financial transaction, we establish trust and build relationships. But more than that.... 

Niagara Children's Business FairMentoring is Our Passion

For over 35 years, Debi Katsmar and her services have been more than just a business; that business is and has been a platform for mentorship. Debi's heart truly lies in guiding, helping, and mentoring businesses, regardless of whether they become paying clients. Debi believes in the power of sound advice and its ripple effect. Over the years, our business has mentored 100s of business owners, managers, students looking for experience in their chosen careers, and young entrepreneurs as well. In fact, PRowl Communications currently has a high-school co-op student and a college intern learning from us, and gaining valuable experience in the industry. 

We're also quite proud to be a sponsor, mentor and judge for a really unique event happening next month, right here in Niagara. It is the Niagara Children's Business Fair -- boy do we wish this was a thing when we were young..  39 young entrepreneurs are gathering for a vendor fair on November 18th to promote their businesses -- please put it in your calendar and plan to support these youngsters -- they are our future. 

The Referral Chain

Interestingly, while some businesses who take our free session never hire us for a full-fledged project, they often become our most vocal advocates. They spread the word about our expertise and how we helped shape their strategy. Referrals have been a tremendous source of business for us, and they often trace back to someone we once advised without any charge.

What You Gain from the Strategy Session

If you're a business owner wondering about the tangible benefits of our free marketing strategy session, here's what you can expect:

Expert Insight: Get a clear, external perspective on your current marketing efforts. Sometimes, being too close to your business can make you overlook certain nuances.

Actionable Steps: Our strategy sessions aren’t just about high-level concepts. You'll leave with concrete steps you can take immediately to boost your marketing.

Future Vision: We help you identify not just where your business is now, but where it could be. We chart potential growth areas and strategies to get there.

Network Building: By connecting with us, you're also tapping into our vast network of businesses, partners, and experts – a reservoir of resources at your disposal.

Wrapping Up

Our free marketing strategy session embodies our business philosophy: building relationships based on trust, sharing our wealth of knowledge, and genuinely wanting businesses to thrive. We love seeing businesses grow, innovate, and transform. So, while part of our intent is to generate leads, the heart of the matter is the value and mentorship we love to provide.

If you haven't already, consider booking a session with us. Whether you're a fledgling startup or a seasoned enterprise, there's always room for growth, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.

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