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  1. 5 Steps to Engage and Retain New Customers with Email and Social Media

    When you consider the high costs and uncertainty associated with traditional advertising methods and some of the recent changes on sites like Facebook...
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  2. What Do You Mean Social Media Doesn't Work? You're Wrong!

    Conversations 'over the backyard fence' are just as powerful today as they were before social media. Now -- that fence has more options!...
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  3. ConnectFest Success! What You Missed.

    ConnectFest Niagara was the ultimate networking and learning event presented by Constant Contact and us here at PRowl Communications. This is my chai...
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  4. This is HUGE! Automated Birthday Wishes

    Schedule an automated email on or before your contact's birthday with Constant Contact®. ...
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  5. Constant Contact Launches New Facebook Advertising Tool for SMBs, Earns Facebook Marketing Partner Badge

    Constant Contact®, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTCT) today announced that it is joining the Facebook Marketing Partner Program, a select group of world-class marke...
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  6. Why do consumers choose to subscribe to a business’s email list?

    New research from Constant Contact finds Canadian consumers rate email as their number one method of staying in touch with businesses, but many small ...
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  7. Constant Contact Releases New Donations Offering for Canadian Customers

    Just in time for year-end fundraising, Constant Contact has released a new donations offering for customers in Canada. A part of the Constant Contact ...
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  8. Give Your Event A Registration Boost

    Boost your registration with discount codes. Early Bird rate or special organization rates are examples of ways to use the discount or promo code....
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Redefining Corporate Success: Strategic Insights from Steve Simkus

Case Study: After a three-month trial in twelve stores in western Canada, the results were remarkable. Not only did gross profit double from sales in the everyday-priced product, there was also significant increases in sales of full-margin products like tops and accessories not available in the larger chains.

PRESS RELEASE: Announcing Connectfest Niagara 2024

PRowl Communications is excited to announce the return of Connectfest Niagara, the premier marketing and business networking event of the year, scheduled for April 11, 2024.

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  • Debi is always just a phone call away when needed and very helpful with creative ideas to make my newsletters better. She has also been instrumental in the initial development of the Financial Divorce Solutions company Facebook Page.
    - Gail Belchior, Financial Divorce Solutions

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