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Small Business Success Assessment Webinar

Many business owners find themselves asking questions like,

“I have an awesome product/service… why don’t more people buy it?”


"I know I need to do some things differently in my business… but where do I even start?”


The Small Business Assessment and Planning Framework provides small businesses with the insights and specific steps necessary to take action and get results quickly, in their sales and marketing investments.

Small Business Assessment Method

By participating in this session,
attendees will be able to:

  1. Articulate a clear and concise value proposition (core product offering, ideal customer avatar, unique value proposition, and avoid and achieve messaging).
  2. Detail specific gaps and opportunities for improvements in their sales, marketing, and operations.
  3. Identify and prioritize the strategies and tactics in their business which can be most quickly launched with minimum investment and measurable ROI.
  4. Workshop Exclusive BONUS: Scope and plan the work needed to execute their priority strategy with the Planning Framework



This Webinar Is For You If These are Some of Your Common Business Frustrations: 

juggling in business

• Low Conversion %
• Frustrated Customers
• Time Consuming Clients
• Poor Social Ratings
• Higher Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
• Lower Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

• A FED-UP Business Owner!!!

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