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PRowl Domain Name Registration & Email Address Service

Our domain registration service offers you peace of mind in knowing your domain name is registered with branded email addresses and no waiting queue for assistance should you need changes to your DNS settings, when it comes time to launch your website. 

Our domains are registered through Bravenet offering .com, .net, .org, .info, .name, .biz, .ws, .tv, .me and .cc TLDs (top level domains). Unfortunately for our Canadian clients, .ca domain names are not available through this system. Every domain is registered with Privacy Protection hiding your personal information from the public WHOIS database. WHOIS is the organization that manages all data regarding domain registration. Bravenet offers comprehensive domain hosting and maintenance that is fast and secure, allows for domain forwarding, domain locking, DNS changes, and painless transfers. The majority of our web design clients (where we have registered the domains on their behalf), are registered with Bravenet and have been for approximately 15 years.  Domains are registered with you as the owner and PRowl Communications as the admin, billing and technical contact. 

While not one of the more popular domain registrars, we like it as it gives our clients complimentary email addresses with IMAP and POP settings, with secure webmail access or you can add the email to outlook or other popular email systems for sending and receiving emails. 

If you need a new email address or DNS settings changed, it is as simple as emailing or calling us with your request. And, if you need your domain moved to another registrar we will give you what you need to move the domain, no questions asked. Note: You cannot transfer a domain within the first 60 days of registering it. 

You can register a domain yourself through Bravenet, however the complimentary email addresses are not available unless you purchase a hosting package as well. We highly recommend that you do not purchase a hosting package until you have had a conversation with your web designer, or you have decided on where you will build your website. Many website platforms today include the hosting in the monthly fee.  




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