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Holiday Marketing Plan and Resources

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The holiday season is a time to drive sales, boost revenue, and gain momentum for the new year. To help, we compiled a list of holiday resources and tips.

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How do you make the most of the holiday buying season?

You need a Holiday marketing plan and here's the resources! Please note some of the examples are based on U.S. holidays, however the theory and information works regardless of where your business is or what holidays you are promoting around. All of these resources also utilize Constant Contact as the main marketing tool -- again the theory is the same regardless of the tool. 

Holiday Marketing Planning Resources:

A Simple Holiday Promotion Plan: Free download on setting up a 3-step email marketing campaign. 

How to Build Momentum for the Holiday Season

Many of your biggest competitors have already started generating buzz for the holidays.

While you may not have a million dollar TV budget or a Grammy-worthy holiday jingle to do it, you do have the tools you need to connect with your audience and deliver content and offers that will get them excited to shop small this holiday season.

Here are some actionable tips to help build momentum as you head into the holiday season.

  1. Develop a schedule
    Map out the weeks leading up to and through the holiday season with specific business goals for each of the big shopping days. The holidays you target may vary based on
    your business and your audience.
    Learn more: How to Create a Holiday Email Marketing Plan
  2. Get creative
    Use email to announce your holiday plans, remind people about important dates and deadlines, and thank people for shopping small during the holiday season.
    Learn more: 30 Creative Email Ideas for Your Holiday Email Marketing
  3. Be a resource; not just a sales pitch
    Provide your audience with resources they can actually use this holiday season. It can be something as simple as time-saving tips or last-minute gift ideas.
    Learn more: How to Create Share-Worthy Email Content this Holiday Season
  4. Don’t do too much, too soon
    Don’t overwhelm people with too many promotions early in the season. Instead,
    Learn more: 8 Tips for Getting Your Customers Ready for the Holidays

Preparing Your Marketing for the Holiday

  1. Create a great holiday offer channels that matter
    With so much competition from the “big guys” and other local businesses, coming up with a compelling offer could be the secret this year’s holiday success.
    Learn More: How to Create a Small Business Saturday Offer (U.S.)
  2. Leverage the channels that matter
    The holidays are a busy time for your customers.  That’s why it’s important to use the right channels, like email and social media, to get in front of the right people.
    Learn More: Email Hacks that Will Help You Make More Money This Holiday Season
  3. Get organized
    Organize your database before the holiday season arrives. Put your loyal, new, and potential customers into different lists. This will allow you to target each of these audiences with relevant offers during the holidays.
    Learn More: 3 Tips to Perfect Your Email Marketing this Holiday Season
  4. Plan to stay connected
    Encouraging new customers to join your email list will allow you to deliver results beyond the holiday season.
    Learn more: How to Be Sure You’re Doing Everything You Can to Build Your Email List

Holiday Marketing Prep:

Read 8 tips for Email and Social Media

Design & Content Resources

The holidays are a great time to add some extra creativity to your design to make sure you stand out from the crowd—and drive results.

4 Ideas for your Holiday Marketing Campaign

Depending on your business, there are a number of different campaigns you could
run during the holiday season.

The type of campaign you decide to run will depend on the products and services you offer, and the audience you’re trying to reach. You will also need to consider the type of results you’re
looking for, and your overall goals for the upcoming season.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of possible campaigns you can try out.

  1. Offer a coupon
    The key to a great offer is that it's compelling enough to get people to act. You can add a coupon to any email and let customers redeem in-store or online. 
    Learn More: Create the Perfect Offer: 4 Questions You Need to Ask First
  2. Plan an event
    Hosting a holiday event is the perfect way to thank customers for their continued support. It’s also a great opportunity to interact with your audience face-to-face.
    Learn more: How to Make Sure Your Holiday Event Doesn’t Fall Flat
  3. Run a contest
    Contests are a great way to engage your audience, and can help generate buzz during the holiday season. Come up with a prize that your customers will love, and encourage them to enter by providing their email address.

  4. Add value
    If running a promotion doesn’t fit your business, you can still do something special for your customers by sending a thank you email or offering something of value. 
    Learn more: How to Add Value this Holiday Season without Offering a Discount


If you don't have the time, to do all of this, let us help.
We can create the plan, create the campaigns, monitor the results and more.
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