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Think 2019 Marketing

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Thinking ahead for your 2019 marketing now can save you a lot of aggravation in January and give you a great start to generating leads and increasing income in the new year.

Increase revenue for 2019

Too often businesses wait until the last minute to start planning for the new year. We can't tell you how many times, we get panic emails the week between Christmas and the New Year with 

I need a new website or I meant to get my email marketing program going for the new year - that's next week - can you help?

Sure, we can help, but you know it won't happen for the first week of January unless you start thinking about it now. 

So, first -- take a look at your sales and marketing efforts this year - are they as expected? Could you have done better? Did you implement all your marketing ideas? Chances are pretty good you did not... and of course, you can always do better. Each year businesses set the standard higher than the year before. For this to work, however you need a plan!

Planning Ahead for Your 2019 Marketing

First, to know where you are going, you need to take a look at where you are now and what you have done this year. Did you have a written plan for 2018? Did you follow it? Or did you wing it? Did you set goals, did you look at the results - so many questions --- where do you even start? 

No contractor will build a house without a blue print. Why would you run your business without one?

To help you move forward, we've created a document to start you on your way to your 2019 marketing. It will force you to document what you did this year, and start you thinking of your plan for next year. If you start thinking about it now, there is a better chance you will move forward before January 1st -- especially when you see the numbers. Often that is the only motivation you need. Download it now - honestly - no form to fill out to get it. Just click the button and get started. Take a look at Where You've Been and Where You Want To Go! 


We get it -- running a business is non-stop, but always remember -- without a plan, you're planning to fail. Even the simplest of plans is better than no plan at all. Too many businesses just wing it! Hopefully this year that won't be you!

I have one other quick favour. 

Can you answer this one question for me.... I promise, I'm not collecting data on anything other than your answer. You won't be bombarded with messages from me for answering. So please consider answering in as much detail as you would like.  If you would like me to contact you, add your contact info to the message - otherwise, I won't even know who submitted the answer.

We hope you are now thinking about 2019. It's just around the corner and will be here before you know it. 

Start planning your marketing now, you will be surprised what a difference it will make. 


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