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Where To Get A Business Email Address

A business email address is a must-have if you're in business. 

business email addressThere is nothing worse than receiving an email from a gmail, hotmail or any generic account when you believe the business sending it is a strong, viable and trustworthy business. Right off the bat, it says something about your business. Either you don't have a website, you couldn't be bothered to register a matching business email address to your domain, or you didn't want to spend the money on something you can get free. Either way, it doesn't look good when your email lands in a potential customer's inbox -- especially if you're prospecting. 

Honestly, it isn't that expensive and worth the investment for trust and professionalism. 

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Or reach out to us if you need assistance in determining the best choice for you for your business email address. 

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How To Register A Business Email Address

email address for businessRegistering or buying a business email address is relatively easy if you know what to look for. 
  • Typically, the easiest way to get a business email address is to purchase it at the same time and with the same company where you register your domain - some registrars even offer one free email address with the purchase of the domain, others several are available, and yet some registrars will want you to pay for your email address package over and above the domain registration and/or hosting. Some registrars only make email addresses available to purchase if you are hosting your website with that registrar (never buy a hosting package until you know where and who will be building your website as often the website is self-hosted on the platform it is built on - read more about domain registration here.  
  • We recommend having at least two business email addresses. One for using in public places like your website contact page or business directories you list your business in because you know, you will get solicited if your email address is listed online.  And the second email address for your personal use.  The first email address for public sites should be generic. Examples of generic business email addresses are: info@, hello@, service@, support@, etc. (Did you know most email service providers (ESPs) like Constant Contact, Zoho Campaigns, etc., will not send email campaigns (eblasts) to generic email addresses? So this will cut down on the amount of spam you receive from those who mine data for mass emails.  Your personal email should be your first name or first and last name or initial and last name debi@, debikatsmar@, dkatsmar@ as examples. 
A few things you will want to pay attention to are:
  1. whether you can forward an email address to another;
  2. what the data storage limit is;
  3. whether the email is hosted within the domain registrar site, or they are redirecting you to another service like Office365;
  4. the cost/month or year for each email address (one or two email addresses might not be too bad, but if you many employees requiring email addresses, you will want to take this into consideration;
  5. whether you can set up a catch-all for those who misspell your email address;
  6. and finally, IMAP and POP settings are available, with the ability to add, send and receive emails from Outlook or Gsuite, also has webmail available and will work on your phone without a separate app.

These things don't seem like much until such time as your company grows and your stuck moving your email addresses. Think it through now. 

One final mention: 

Most business email addresses will require code to be added in the backend of your website for your email to function.  If you have registered the domain and the email in the same place, this usually isn't an issue as it is setup through the registrar. If you are working with a web designer, they will add this code to your website for you. If you have built your website on some of the free platforms available today, adding code to the site is not always possible. Consider this when choosing a website platform.

Email Address Providers and Management

Should setting up a business email address to match your domain name not be available through your domain registrar, or if they do not provide the control you are looking for, there are a number of other places you can set up business email addresses. We have listed a few alternatives below for your consideration. 

PRowl Domain Registration

Through the PRowl domain registration service we can set up multiple email addresses for you at no additional charge, however your domain name must be registered through this service or moved to this service. It is not available for .ca domain names.  

Price includes domain privacy and multiple branded email addresses for your domain with webmail IMAP/POP or add to outlook or other email app. 

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Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail offers secure email hosting for your business email addresses - encrypted, privacy-guaranteed, 99.9% up-time, with a powerful control panel for all settings, configuration and customization. Works seamlessly with all Zoho applications.  

Prices vary from forever-free plan to $18/user/year when paid annually. Included with Zoho One subscription. 

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Prowl Business Email 

Prowl's business email is managed by us - any time you need assistance, you just need to ask. It offer secure IMAP/POP settings for outlook and/or your phone, mail forwarding and more. 

This system is $5/user/month. 

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Google G Suite

Work together with G Suite. Get gmail, docs, drive, calendar, meet and much more. Swap your address for a business email address with your domain. 

Prices vary based on the plan - starting at $6.70/month/user. 

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Contact us before paying for a special 20% discount should you decide to move to the paid service after your trial. 

Microsoft 365

A set of business tools including business email addresses with best-in-class office applications including word, excel, powerpoint, etc, with advanced security for small- to medium-sized businesses. 

Prices vary based on the plan - starting at $6.40/user/month

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If you would like assistance determining which system is right for you, 

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