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YouTube Shorts - Attract & Grow Your Channel Fast

By Debi Katsmar

Gain views, watched hours and new subscribers fast with YouTube Shorts - you will be amazed how quickly it works...

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What is YouTube Shorts? 

YouTube Shorts are quick and simple YouTube videos - typically less than 60 seconds. Think YouTube's version of TikTok, but faster... These short videos can be about everything and anything, you talking about a subject, dancing in the rain, you name it - anything goes! Youtube even has tools to help you make phenomenal shorts to grow your channel, gain more watched hours and more channel subscribers.  (If you're aspiring to make money on Youtube, you know you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours), YouTube Shorts will get you there faster. 

Viewers will find shorts on the Youtube home page, on your channel, and on the shorts tab in the Youtube app, and like TikTok or Instagram, viewers scroll through to find something that interests them. Want to learn more about creating shorts, check this out

"YouTube Shorts have already surpassed 6.5 billion views daily globally", YouTube

Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast!

Yes, I was skeptical when reading how shorts can increase your channel subscribers and watched hours. As with any social media channel, it all sounds so easy - just do 'this' and watch your fan-base and subscribers grow. We all know, it doesn't work this way - it takes mega-work to grow your followers, fans and subscribers throughout your social media channel. But, I think, YouTube got it right in tapping into the short video market (after all, we are all guilty of getting lost in videos).

How do I know it works....?

Clips for Marketing TipsHere's the PRowl YouTube story... 

I have had a YouTube Channel for PRowl Communications for years, but rarely put content on it other than a few webinars I have offered throughout the years and a few video style posts for other social channels. Most of the reason for this is I'm shy behind a live camera (although, I'm getting braver, so watch for a few shorts from me coming soon).  However, recently, we have added a photographer and videographer (Mackenzie) to the team here at PRowl, and of course, he is all about video and video content for your website and social media. Initially, Mackenzie started creating short reels for Instagram 'Clips for Marketing Tips', releasing one per week for the past month or two. These reels have increased our following on Instagram slightly, and one of the reels, received 2200 plus views, but they have not done what adding them to YouTube shorts did.. 

All I can say is WOW! 

Take a look at the image at the top of this blog -  (I'm embarrassed to say, the channel only has 10 subscribers, but yesterday it only had 7. I have received 3 new subscribers in one day, 770 views in one day, and 5.8 watch time hours in 1 day!  All this by simply adding 8 video shorts (Mackenzie's Clips for Marketing Tips) to the channel yesterday!  Can you believe that?  I thought I was seeing things today, when I looked at the channel. So thank you Mackenzie, for initiating this content, and pushing me to add the clips to the YouTube channel.... 

... now to get me in front of the camera! 

How to Get Started with Video Shorts

  • throw away your inhibitions in front of a camera and just do it
  • do a short clip of something funny happening at the office, or in your business
  • do as we did, offer quick tips or tutorials
  • feature a customer, or even a product
  • check the links we provided to learn more about YouTube Shorts
  • book a marketing consultation with us for even more ideas
  • or get Mackenzie to create your shorts for you! 

The possibilities are endless!

Get started today and watch your YouTube Channel grow.... 

Book a complimentary marketing consultation with Mackenzie - he'll get you moving in the right direction with video!

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