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Social Media Management

Social media management is a major part of your marketing strategy whether attracting leads locally in Niagara, throughout Ontario, Canada or internationally. Contact us today to start generating leads through social media. 

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We Turn those Likes, Fans & Followers into Leads & Sales

After all, that is the purpose right? 

Social media management is very time consuming, requires dedication and a strategy to not just get fans, likes and followers, but to turn that engagement into real customers -- whether driving them to your website to make a purchase, or visiting your store to shop.  Yes, we know you understand this, but is it happening? Do you know if your social media is generating leads and sales? Most small businesses do not.

You know you must maintain a social media presence -- well because that is where your customers are... 

You know that social media is a great help to offering information via word of mouth (or social shares) -- but are you doing it effectively? 

You know a social media strategy is important, but you post willy-nilly and hope it works... 

You know social media content needs to be consistent and offer solutions to your customers' wants, needs and problems, but time dictates what you can do... 

PRowl Communications offers the expertise to develop that social media strategy, implement it and get results! 

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Social Media Marketing that Works

Our social media team works with you to develop a social media marketing strategy to:

• build a following

• engage  

• educate 

• generate leads

• drive sales

• nurture customers

We work with all major platforms including facebook, facebook groups, linkedin, twitter, pinterest, instagram, houzz, youtube, google my business and more. We analyze your existing social media presence, work with you to determine your goals, and target audience preparing a strategy to reach your potential and existing clients at the right time, in the right place to generate leads and sales.  Social media is also a major part of your SEO strategy... 

For the DIY Social Media Marketer

If you are set on managing your social media yourself, we highly recommend using a social media management tool to post, monitor, respond and get reports.  Our tool of choice is Zoho Social. It has features most of the other tools do not like: 

  • eat sleep retweet socializeposting to Youtube
  • first comment on Instagram 
  • repeating posts
  • RSS feeds of your favourite sharable content
  • and more.   

We use this ourselves - and love it!

Learn More About Zoho Social here

Our team will develop graphics, write content, write blogs, videos, monitor, engage, respond, provide monthly reports. If you would like to take it a step further, we will tie it into a CRM system, with automation, chatbots and more. We provide services to suit your requirements to grow and scale your business. 

Not sure if we're the right fit, or what you need? 

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