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Sometimes All It Takes Is Getting A Little Creative with Your Marketing

Sometimes All It Takes Is Getting A Little Creative with Your Marketing

Posted Aug 21st, 2018 in Email Marketing , Engagement Marketing, Branding, Tip Tuesday, graphic-design

Curiosity killed the cat, make it work for your marketing with these 11 creative marketing ideas.

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Tip Tuesday: Selling through Marketing

Tip Tuesday: Selling through Marketing

Posted Aug 7th, 2018 in Marketing Plan, Branding, Tip Tuesday, graphic-design

Create marketing material around the solution, need or want. Put yourself in your buyer's shoes.

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Tip Tuesday: The Importance of Graphic Design

Tip Tuesday: The Importance of Graphic Design

Posted Jul 2nd, 2018 in Branding, Tip Tuesday, graphic-design

It doesn't matter what your business is - you are using graphic design to some extent. If you're selling cars, refrigerators, consulting services or even one of those illusive widgets, there is graphic design involved.

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There is Gold in Your Email List

Jan 15th, 2019

The big boys do it, but SMBs overlook it. The sales are in your email list. Use it! All email campaigns are structured to do one thing - move your customer from one stage of the buying journey to the next. 

What's in a word: how times change

Jan 1st, 2019

Interesting how the words and phrases we use change over time. Check out the 2019 list of banished words from Lake Superior State University.

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  • Debi has been a great resource for me for my email marketing. Through her vast experience she has been able to guide me through using Constant Contact for my email marketing monthly newsletters.
    - Gail Belchior, Financial Divorce Solutions

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