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We Take the Headache Out of Your Marketing. AUTOMATICALLY!

About PRowl Communications

PRowl Communications takes the headache out of your marketing. We enhance the search for YOUR perfect CUSTOMER through digital and traditional marketing automation, campaigns, web design, analysis and training for your team where needed. 

marketing-building-blocks-to-profitPlan • Execute • Convert • Analyze 

PRowl Communications offers a broad spectrum of marketing services including branding, strategy, email marketing, social media management, web design, customer relationship management (CRM) and event management services. We excel at B2B marketing automation for our clients by closing the loop. We optimize your marketing for lead generation, converting those leads to sales through behavioural-based communication offering a better return on investment, and stronger profits. 

Our strength is not only helping to build the campaigns and marketing automation systems, but in providing the training for you and your team to ensure your sales process does what it is intended to do - get more leads and convert those leads to sales. 

What Makes PRowl Communications Different?

  • PRowl has been there, done that, with over 30 years in the marketing industry, (pre-computers, we might add). We have helped over 2000 businesses in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Fort Erie, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Fonthill, Grimsby, Stoney Creek, and many others throughout Canada and the United States to grow their business. We know the Niagara economy is different. We know how to make it work. 
  • As a Certified Keap Partner, we know Infusionsoft, and can help you make it work for your business. 
  • CRMs and marketing automation allow for customer relationships, on-going communications and ease of follow-up and marketing. We are also a Zoho Authorized Partner
  • We are a Certified Constant Contact Solution Provider and have been since 2006, as well as a Certified Email Marketing Specialist in Niagara, Ontario, Canada. 
  • In-house photographer
  • We get not every business has a huge marketing budget. At PRowl Communications we work with you to give you the most value for your $, often setting up your marketing infrastructure, then training you to keep it moving forward in-house. For those, who do not have the time, or do have a larger budget, we are set up to handle your marketing for you. Often our clients start out with our setup and move to our full-service strategies.  
  • While we can work with any niche, our strength is in B2B marketing, with a secondary emphasis on the real estate industry - the home staging industry in particular. We are a CSP International™ approved vendor and marketing partner. 
  • Sectors we work with include automotive, agriculture, sports, landscaping, IT Services, not-for-profits, accountants, lawyers, fire prevention, printing and packaging. 
  • We believe the hub of your marketing to be your website offering copy writing, webdesign, blogging and SEO services to ensure your business is found online. IF your website is not generating leads, call us!

We take the headache out of your marketing. 

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Community Involvement:

  • Ran for Municipal Council 2018 - Ward 2 Welland
  • Chair - 150th Canada Celebration in Welland Ad Hoc Committee, 2015-2018
  • Past-Director - Port Colborne Wainfleet Chamber of Commerce, 2015-2017
  • Past-President - Upper Canada Equestrian Association, 2, 2 year terms
  • Past Marketing Director - Multiple Sclerosis Association of Niagara
  • Past Secretary - Club the Netherlands Inc. 

What's with the Owl? 

Debi loves owls for the strength and wisdom they portray and a variety of other reasons. The owl icon has been a main-stay of Debi's marketing for over 10 years, but her love for owls goes back to her childhood. You can read the Inspiration Owl story here

prowl communications logoHow did we arrive at our name? 

Rebranding in 2014, the only aspect of our previous business name and branding we wanted to keep was the owl icon. After many months of tossing around ideas for names, one day it came to us --- PRowl: PR for public relations along with our owl icon --- PERFECT! Communications - as we are in the business of communicating messages to grow our clients' businesses. 


(of a person or animal) move around restlessly and stealthily, especially in search of or as if in search of prey.
"black bears prowl the canyons"
"they were seen prowling around the docks late at night"

an act of prowling.
"I met her once on one of my off-duty bookstore prowls"

PRowl Communications: We Take the Headache Out of Your Marketing. Automatically. 

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What Our Clients are Saying!

  • Debi at PRowl Communications did a great job designing our website and learning how our business works so our content was accurate and informative. She goes above and beyond for her clients for example: I was at a trade show with Debi and she grabbed every pamphlet off the fire departments stand to learn more about my business. I highly recommend Debi from YDV Group. She is my Go-to-Girl for advertising. Thanks to Debi for a great job, Rob Petrie Niagara Fire
    Rob Petrie - Niagara Fire

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