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Debi Katsmar and PRowl Communications offers a wide variety of educational, digital marketing seminars, workshops and presentations.

Audience participation is encouraged making for lively and educational learning. As a Core Certified Constant Contact Solution Provider as well as having 30+ years in the marketing industry, the entrepreneurial skills offered through each of the seminars, presentations and keynotes have audiences looking for more.

If you have any questions, or you don't see the topic you are looking for please contact us.

Constant Contact presentations are geared to basic principals, applying to all marketing for small business, organizations and non-profits. A Constant Contact account is not required with the exception of the Getting Started with Constant Contact / Quick Start series.

speaking - marketing-seminars-workshopsNew Speaking Topics for 2018

Power of the Inbox | Suggested Length: 60-90 minutes

Email marketing is and continues to be one of the most effective forms of digital marketing for a small business/ organization. In this session, we’ll reveal the latest best practices, industry trends and techniques to maximize success using this powerful digital tool. You will learn the benefits of email marketing, how to design, create, send and track your email’s success.

Who Should Attend: If you have never used email marketing, new to email marketing or have been hesitant in getting started, this workshop is suggested for you!

Email Marketing Quickstart | Suggested Length: 90 minutes

Kick start your email marketing strategy today! Whether you are looking to switch from a competitor or you have never used email marketing before, “Email Marketing Quickstart” will walk you through the basic steps of getting started with a Constant Contact account and creating an email that warrants real business results.

Who Should Attend: If you are new to email marketing or looking to switch from a competitor and need step by step help in getting started, this is the workshop that is suggested for you.

30 Ways to Grow your List | Suggested Length: 60-90 minutes

Having an interested and engaged list of email addresses is vital to the success of your email marketing strategy. Continuing to grow and interact with your list is just as important. This seminar will cover various strategies to capture new contacts, stay top of mind and build relationships with your subscribers.

Who Should Attend: This session is designed for those who are familiar with email marketing but need help taking their emails and list growth efforts to the next level.

Automate Your Marketing | Suggested Length: 60 minutes

Automation is one of the newest and most effective email trends that continues to become more effective and widely utilized by small businesses. Learn to leverage this email feature to save you time and result in more highly engaged subscribers.

Who Should Attend: If you have mastered the basics of email marketing but want to take your email strategy to the next level, this simple yet effective workshop is for you.

Drive New Business with Social Media | Suggested Length: 60-90 minutes

Social media marketing has changed the marketing game for small businesses and nonprofits. Whether you’re new to social media or struggling to make your profiles more engaging, this session will answer your common questions about the different platforms, how to build your network, and what to say and share with your followers.

Who Should Attend: Whether you are brand new using social media for your business or looking to take your social presence to the next level, this session is for you.

Appreciating Your Business & Your Customers | Suggested Length: 30- 45 minutes

Small business owners are very busy and rarely have time to reflect on the work they’ve done, the customers they’ve helped and to plan a strategy moving forward. This seminar will discuss ways to show appreciation for existing customers, how to utilize these relationships to attract new customers and how to evaluate what’s important to you and your business moving forward.

Who Should Attend: This session is encouraged for all business owners and managers.

Email Marketing Trends of 2018 | Suggested Length: 60-90 minutes

Marketing is changing thanks to a cultural desire for digestible and personalized content. Join us as we explore the top trends that small businesses should be paying attention to and some simple ideas for incorporating them into your overall marketing strategy.

Who Should Attend: This session is recommended for those who need assistance in evaluating upcoming trends that will result in positive change for their business.

How to Create More Personalized Email Messages | Suggested Length: 60-90 minutes

As a small business, you see and interact with your customers on a daily basis. This seminar will focus on the importance of strengthening that relationship by personalizing your email marketing campaigns to tailor to the specific needs and interests of your subscribers.

Who Should Attend: This session is intended for anyone seeking to send more targeted communications to your customers, clients, and/or members.

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  • Social Media Timesavers Presentation

    While it’s important to engage for social visibility and key connections online, we all want to do more in less time. This session will help you save time at get back to what you love to do – running your business or organization.
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  • Back to Business: 50 Ways to Grow Your Email List

    Let's get Back to Business! It's time to grow your contact list. Join us for "50 Ways to Grow Your List" workshop
    Read more »
  • Grow Your Business With Email & Social Marketing Workshop

    This session will help make sense of the noise. We’re going to show you how to make the most of the combination of email and social media for your business. When the session is done you’ll have a greater understanding of marketing basics like goals and objectives.
    Read more »
  • Social Media 101: Basics of Social Media Marketing

    This presentation is a guide for small businesses or nonprofits who have been using social media marketing, but need some tips to take them to an intermediate level and/or add new channels to their marketing efforts.
    Read more »
  • Social Media 102: You’re Social. Now What?

    This seminar will give you a more in-depth look at the popular social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.
    Read more »
  • Making the Case for Mobile

    Small businesses and nonprofits who start embracing mobile now will be the ones best able to compete. Let us help you understand this mobile transition so you don't get left behind.
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  • Build Your Marketing Toolkit

    With so many different marketing activities that they could focus on, they often miss some of the important marketing concepts that will help them understand why those activities are so important. This presentation is designed to uncover some of those core concepts and show that a little bit of marketing knowledge can go a long way.
    Read more »
  • The Power of Email Marketing

    Newsletters and Announcements have become a core component of those campaign choices. Email is more important than ever – to the communication efforts of businesses and nonprofits everywhere; and to the customer, donor, client or supporter of those organizations.
    Read more »
  • Events & Registration Marketing Know How

    When you run an event you want to make sure that you leave ample time for the promotional activities that will drive your registrations, and you want to create and provide an optimal online registration experience.
    Read more »
  • Online Surveys that Work to Grow Your Business

    One important campaign type that is often overlooked revolves around getting feedback from your customers or supporters through the use of Surveys, Polls or Reviews.
    Read more »
  • Marketing Offers and Promotions

    This presentation will provide a deeper look into the importance and effectiveness of offers and promotions as tools for either increasing/rewarding loyalty or for driving word of mouth and new customers/supporters/clients.
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  • Getting Started with Constant Contact Toolkit Series

    Debi Katsmar, a Core Certified Constant Contact Solution Provider and Authorized Local Expert in Niagara will present this live, guided demonstration on the tools and features inside Constant Contact's Toolkit. In this time-efficient, highly practical session, you will learn the basics so you can get going with your own marketing.
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  • Practicing Permission Marketing

    Grow Your Email List Under the new Canada Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) : The new CASL legislation went into effect in July 2014. As a marketer, you need to know what this legislation requires of you. This seminar offers an understanding of what you need to do in order to c...
    Read more »

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  • I would also like to thank Debi Katsmar from the Ottawa Motorcycle Show for all her hard work and patience in helping those participating in the show deal with whatever issues came up. She remained a true lady of grace while making it happen. Debi you are a true lady of grace!
    ~ Beau Rooney, The Rider's Mag

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